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Do items comply with CDC recommendations?

The CDC recommends wearing face masks in public settings to reduce the chances of community-based transmission of COVID-19. The CDC also recommends using alcohol-based hand rub with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol or handwashing as a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections.

Are these products approved by the FDA?

Yes. All of our products are approved by the FDA.

Are you taking PPE away from healthcare professionals?

We have created our own supply chain outside the channels used by the healthcare industry. Our items are designed for personal use in public areas and are not suitable for medical care situations.

Are we allowed to require guests to wear masks?

Refer to your local and state government officials to understand the legal requirements in your area. We encourage all hotels to offer Personal Protection Packs as a service to guests.

How many do I need?

A good rule of thumb is to order enough to supply three Personal Protection Packs for every occupied room in your hotel. If you are forecasting 30% occupancy for a 100-room hotel in the month of June, you will need approximately 900 Personal Protection Packs and should order two cases.

Can I order the Personal Protection Packs without Face Masks?

Yes. Personal Protection Packs that contain only hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes will be available soon. If you need this ASAP, please contact us at sales@guestcaresolutions.com.

How do I use these in my hotel?

We suggest placing two in each guestroom in tandem with your normal bath amenities such as shampoo and soap. We also recommend offering a basket of Personal Protection Packs at your Front Desk, valet stand, host desk in each restaurant, public restrooms, and anywhere else guests may gather.

Should I offer these for free or for sale?

You are welcome to use your order of Personal Protection Packs as you see fit, whether than means offering them for free or selling them. We have heard from major hotel brands that items like these will become standard in the future, so check with your brand or management company.

Can I customize with my logo?

We are happy to discuss customized packaging options on orders of 20 or more cases. Contact us for custom orders.

Can I get a sample?

Samples are not available during the pre-order period. We anticipate being able to offer samples soon and encourage you to check back. Note that quantities are very limited, and we would discourage you from waiting too long to place your order.

Do you offer faster delivery?

The expected arrival date for the our products is mid-July. We anticipate being able to shorten that time in the future and will update our site when available.

Where are the products shipped from?

Our products are shipped via UPS ground from our USA based warehouses.

Do you ship to HI, AK, PR & VI?

Regular shipping is not available to Hawaii, Alaska Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please contact us so that we can help you with your order directly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments. If you would like to pay by company check please contact us at info@guestcaresolutions.com. Shipping costs will be added to the total at check-out.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of the PPE products, we do not accept returns. If your product was damaged in shipping, please email info@guestcaresolutions.com for support.

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